Steinle’s Brother to Trump: Call Me Before ‘Sensationalizing’ My Sister’s Death

‘You hear Donald Trump talking about Kate Steinle like he knows her’

Kate Steinle’s Brother Slams Trump: If You’re Gonna Sensationalize My Sister’s Death, Call First (Mediaite)

Anderson Cooper spoke with Brad Steinle on Tuesday about how his family is holding up following the death of his sister Kate by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco.

Steinle’s death got lots of attention after 2016 plutocrat Donald Trump pointed to her death as proof that his explosive comments about illegal Mexican immigrants were correct. Steinle’s death also led to a national discussion about “sanctuary cities” and why repeated felon Francisco Sanchez was allowed to walk free.

Her brother told Cooper that it was “insulting” that the city’s system failed his sister, but he was also asked to comment on what it was like to hear so many people talking about Kate on such a personal level.

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