Fiorina: ‘American People Are Tired of Professional Politicians’

‘There are many polls that say 80 percent of the American people think we now have professional political class’

FIORINA: “Well first, I think that the American people are tired of professional politicians. That’s not just me feeling that out on the campaign trail. There are many polls that say 80 percent of the American people think we now have a professional political class of both parties that is more concerned with the protection of its power privilege and position than on solving problems. I agree with them. That’s why I’m running. I think I can beat Hillary Clinton, because I think I can communicate with the American people about why she is not trustworthy, she does not have a track record of leadership, and her policies will be bad for the nation. She is also the personification of the professional political class. But finally, I think to do the job realistically, we need somebody who understands how the economy works to get it going again, we need somebody who understands how the world works. I know more world leaders on the stage than anybody with the exception of Hillary Clinton. We need somebody who understands bureaucracies, because the government has become a giant bloated, inept bankruptcy, someone who understands technology and someone who understands executive decision making and leadership. And I think I bring those skills to the table.”


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