Sen. Alex Padilla on the Impeachment: This Should Be an Open and Shut Case

‘As jurors, you’ve got to keep open eyes’


BERMAN: "Now we heard from Republican Senator Bill Cassidy just moments ago, who said he changed his mind in the constitutionality of it. In general, what else have you heard from your Republican colleagues behind the scenes?
PADILLA: “Look, I think it’s not just a matter of keeping open minds, as jurors, you’ve got to keep open eyes, open ears to the evidence before us. It couldn’t be clearer. I can’t think of any other trial where the evidence to be considered was broadcast on television in realtime for the whole country, for the whole world to see. And if you agree with the basic value statement that nobody is above the law, and that there ought to be consequences for breaking the law, then this should be an open and shut case.”

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