Fiorina on Confederate Monuments: ‘Sad’ and Ridiculous’ History Is Being Wiped Away

‘It’s sad when people feel as though we have to change the history’

KELLY: “Well, in the weeks since a young white man murdered nine black parishioners in a church, we have seen the growth of a viral campaign to wipe expunge the Confederate Flag and wipe-away any tribute to the Southern Confederacy. Cities are now planning to remove monuments, and memorials dedicated to confederate heroes, generals and so on. And today we heard Memphis is even planning to exhume the body of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, and his wife from their 110-year-old resting place, and send them someplace else. The issue has even reached the campaign trail, and tonight we are joined by Carly Fiorina, Former Hewlett Packard CEO, and Republican Candidate for President. Is this just ridiculous? The bodies are coming out of the graves now?”

FIORINA: “It is ridiculous. But more than that, it's sad. It's sad when people feel as though we have to change history. We are not a perfect nation. We have worked hard over the course of our nation to become as Lincoln said a more perfect union. But to wipe all the history away makes us a weaker nation, not a stronger one.”

KELLY: “If we'll dig up these dead bodies of bad people we're going to be digging for a long, long time.”

FIORINA: “That is correct.”

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