Fiorina Rips Hillary over Benghazi: Hillary Clinton ‘Has Blood on Her Hands’

‘I think we have enough information to understand that Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State has engaged in gross dereliction of duty, a cover-up and blood on her hands’

KELLY: “You had some thoughts on Hillary Clinton. You know she’s running for President as I mentioned. And tonight, news broke about the State Department -- Politico breaking this news that the State Department has not turned over two Benghazi-related emails to Congress.”

FIORINA: “Yes, well so -- let’s go through this. Hillary Clinton says in a press conference recently, oh, I’m eager to turn over all the e-mails that the American people can see. Well now we know the State Department hasn’t turned over all the e-mails. We also know those e-mails link Hillary Clinton and the State Department for the first time to the Susan Rice talking points. That this was all a video and a demonstration. Do you remember we now know on the night of September 11th, the State Department and the White House knew? This was a preplanned terrorist attack. Two days later, Hillary Clinton stands over the bodies of the fallen and talks about a video. Susan Rice goes on television and says it’s a video, it’s a demonstration. Hillary Clinton later denies that she had anything to do with those talking points, false. She never revealed a private server in her basement, until it was discovered. And then when it was discovered, she wipes it clean. Nearly two years after she leaves the Department of State. Megyn, I think we now have enough information to understand that Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State has engaged in gross dereliction of duty. She has engaged in a cover up, and she has blood on her hands.”

KELLY: “Blood on her hands?”

FIORINA: “Yes ma’am.”

KELLY: “Is that too strong? Because they point to the fact that they say a House report, they say essentially exonerated her and they don’t believe there’s any smoking gun.”   

FIORINA: “Well, listen to the litany I just went through. Really, I turned over all the e-mails? No, I didn’t. I had nothing to do with the talking points? Yes, you did. It was a video and a demonstration? It turns out it was a preplanned terrorist attack. I didn’t tell anyone I had a private server, I didn’t tell anyone I had a private email account. But when you found it out, I wiped it clean, 55,000 e-mails that we will never know about.”   

KELLY: “But you know what they say. The left and the Hillary Clinton campaign are going to deem anybody who raises the issue of Benghazi at this point as part of the conspiracy faction, they’re already doing that.”   

FIORINA: “That’s right. Which is why we need to have a nominee who will not be afraid to bring this up over and over and over. Because in fact, she is engaging in a cover up, I think it’s really clear now. By the way, last week, she said she hadn’t been subpoenaed on this. And Trey Gowdy has to come out and say actually, she was subpoenaed.”

KELLY: “Carly Fiorina, always interesting getting your perspective.”

FIORINA: “Thanks Megyn.”

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