Kristol: ObamaCare’s Fatal Flaw Is Social Engineering

‘The 26-year-old staying on the parents’ insurance, pre-existing conditions ... if that was all ObamaCare were ... that would be hard to oppose’

"I don't know how much they'll like it. But I do come back -- look -- Julie mentioned the 26-year-old staying on the parents insurance, the pre-existing condition. If that were all ObamaCare were, people like me might object to it as a matter of public policy, think it's unwise, it's counterproductive ultimately, but I agree that would be hard to oppose. President Clinton, he failed as we all remember in '93, '94 with this big overhaul of the system. He did pass in '97, I think the Republican congress agreed with him on this, as Chip, some of the expansion of coverage to youth and to younger people. They actually stopped people from being dumped, from having their premiums widely increased if they had, if they developed a condition, right? You were guaranteed that you could keep the same insurance even if you got sick that year. So you can do reforms, and as I say, it's a complex system and each of these reforms has it's own consequences, but those reforms are easier to sell. It's the social engineering side of this that I think that the Obama Administration can't walk away from."

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