Fauci Flips Again: Now Double Masking Is Suggested

‘If you want to put an extra mask on, there’s nothing wrong with that’


FAUCI: “We know that the standard surgical mask for the most part is better than a cloth mask, but it depends on the cloth mask. But that’s not the question that people are asking. They’re asking, should you wear two masks? That’s the easiest thing to do. So what the CDC says right now, as you mentioned correctly, the most important thing is everybody should wear a mask. We don’t have enough data yet, and the CDC will be collecting this, as to whether or not two masks are going to be better than one mask. But, you know, if you use common sense and say until we get the data, if a physical barrier with one mask works, it makes common sense that two layers or three layers, and you should have a double-layer mask in one mask anyway, but if you want to put an extra mask on, there’s nothing wrong with that. We can’t formally recommend it, because we don’t have the science behind it. But I would not hesitate to tell someone if they want to wear two masks, go ahead.”

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