MSNBC’s Glenn Kirschner: Justice Department Likely ‘In Grand Jury’ Building a Seditious Conspiracy Case Against Trump

‘The question is, how much time do we have before Donald Trump launches his second attempt at insurrection?’


KIRSCHNER: “I think we’re waiting for a law-abiding Department of Justice to gel. The acting attorney general is actually a friend and former colleague of mine at this moment, and he’s a good man, he’s an honest man, he has always done his best by the American people for the decades that he’s been in public service, but I do think he’s a placeholder, and I do think maybe the Southern District of New York, which is of course an arm of the Department of Justice, may be waiting for Merrick Garland to get in place so they can begin to pull the trigger on indictments.

So here’s the flip side of the coin, because everything is making, I’m making everything sound pretty dire. I do believe that the U.S. Attorney’s office for the District of Columbia, my former professional home for decades, is in the grand jury aggressively investigating the insurrection.

And Dean, everyday around the country, FBI agents are locking up insurrectionists, and what they do is they take them back to the local FBI field office, they mirandize them, if they wave their Miranda rights, they interrogate them, they get them to confess, and all of these insurrectionists are weak human beings for the most part, or they wouldn’t need to beat people with flagpoles and strap long guns across there big old bellies.

And after they confess, they will ask the motive question, why did you do this? Indeed, every last one of them will be saying the same thing.

“Donald Trump told me to. He told me that people in that building up the street that he was going to march on with us, he punked out, they stole my vote. They stole our election. And he told us to go in there and stop them.”

Well first of all, that’s inciting insurrection, and second, what that does, is it’s building a case against Donald Trump and Don Jr. and Giuliani for, among other things, their pep talk telling these insurrectionists to get up the street and get into the capital.

So here’s the good news. I think that all of my friends and colleagues at the DC U.S. Attorney’s office are working night and day to build a seditious conspiracy case, and incitement to insurrection case against Donald Trump and the others, and not to argue against myself, and the argument is Donald Trump should be locked up right now, I also acknowledge because I’ve done it a hundred times, that building a big conspiracy case in the grand jury takes time. The question is, how much time do we have before Donald Trump launches his second attempt at insurrection?”

(h/t Mediaite)

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