Brian Williams Lets Never Trump Suggest Horse Whipping Josh Hawley

‘Josh Hawley is continuing to dig the hole deeper’


WILSON: "Well, you know, sadly, we've -- we've --- we've done away with horse whipping in this country, but what I think should happen to him is that Josh Hawley needs to be expelled from the U.S. Senate. Josh Hawley is continuing to dig the hole deeper. His --- his sedition and the actions he took on the 6th in particular to stoke the crowd, to rile up the mob, and has now tried to cast himself as this tragic figure that everyone's being mean to him and he's being muzzled. You know, for a man who's being muzzled, he can't shut his damn mouth. He's on every possible media outlet. He has a articles [sic] on the Post -- he is on Hannity about every 17 seconds on Fox. And so he's trying to become the poster boy for the post-Trump GOP whose entire -- the center of his entire world is this sense of aggrievement that he's being shut down by big tech and the media, and it is pathetic.  But I think that Hawley represents a level of acceptance of the violence, and acceptance and encouragement of the people who stormed into the Capitol. Josh Hawley did this. Josh Hawley has the blood of Officer Sicknick, in part, on his soul. He has the -- the five deaths that happened in the Capitol that day were, in part, because he was out there raising the fist and cheering the mob Because he was out there leading the charge in Donald Trump's efforts to disenfranchise tens of millions of African-American voters and to -- to strike down their votes by taking up these lawsuits that have been dismissed and turning them into policy. He was trying to disenfranchise African-Americans. He has at lot of weight on his soul. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to have one. And so, you know, a man of honor at this point would have realized he had made a terrible mistake. A man of dignity and integrity would have said to himself, 'I went too far. This was unconstitutional. This was outrageous. This was destructive and I will leave public life.' Josh Hawley has no such characteristics about him. He is ruthlessly ambitious. He wants to be president so much, he'll burn down anything in his way, including the country, if he gets the chance. So, you know, we're going to keep our eye on Josh, and I think that the pressure he's beginning to feel both from inside of his own staff and from folks back home in Missouri is growing. And he is on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of this debate. And he will be one of the last defenders of Trump's attempt to engage in a violent coup to overthrow the results of the election."

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