Sykes: The Post-Trump GOP Could Be Worse than the Trump Republican Party

‘How bad can it actually get?’


SYKES: “There are senators who are not even running for re-election. They can’t even claim they’re afraid of the tweets because he doesn’t tweet anymore. And yet they're going along with it. It gives you an indication of just how thoroughly the Republican Party has been Trumpified and corrupted. They are doubling down on all of this, they are doubling down on rationalizing the insurrection, rationalizing the big deep lie about the election. And not only do they not appear to be shamed, some of them actually appear to be emboldened. So, I have to say, Joe, I woke up this morning, and I don’t want to be too negative, but I think it's possible that the post-Trump Republican Party in many ways could be even more awful than the Trump Republican Party. Because at least under Trump you could always say, 'Oh, it’s just Trump. It's just Trump. How bad can it actually get?' Well, now we know how bad it is. And they are okay with it and they are going along with it. And they are going to come out of this in a couple of weeks and say, 'Look, total exoneration.' And yet they get nothing out of it. They’re not going to ride on Air Force One anymore. You know, they won't get perks, they won't get ambassadorships for their donors and their buddies and everything. That’s over. And they’re still in the suck-up mode."

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