Hunt: Some GOPers Feel a Second Impeachment Would Turn Trump into a Martyr

‘There is competing thinking about what kind of impact that would have’


HUNT: “There is competing thinking about what kind of impact that would have. On the one hand, getting rid of him, convicting him, prevents him from running for federal office again. But there is the possibility that doing that roils his base even further and turns him into a martyr-type of figure. So there are some Republicans who are making that argument behind the scenes, who are saying, 'If you convict this guy, he is going to be a bigger problem.' Now, we can — I think strong minds can debate which of these theories is actually the case. I know one of the reasons why former President Trump gets so much media coverage is because he was running to go gain power, to have control of the nuclear codes. And so long as he may get control of those nuclear codes, then you have to cover him, you have to pay attention because he can wield the power in dangerous ways. If he can’t actually have that power back, it turns him into a different type of figure. But again, these are the kinds of calculations going on behind the scenes."

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