Gov. Murphy: ‘It’s Night and Day with the Biden Admin After Only a Little Bit More than 48 Hours in Terms of the National Strategy’

‘Secondly, I am not as worried as running out as I am about getting enough’


MURPHY: "Let's say two things. First of all, it's night and day with the Biden administration after only a little bit more than 48 hours in terms of the national strategy to beat this pandemic. Secondly, I'm not as worried about running out as I am about not getting enough. We've got a huge supply/demand imbalance. We have prioritized the workers we need to have at the ready to help us defeat the pandemic, and then the most vulnerable, seniors and folks with chronic conditions. We're getting 100,000 doses a week. We could probably use two, three, four times that. So again, I'm not — I'm less worried, unless new news pops up about running out, as I am, this is going to take, at the moment, a lot longer than we had expected in early December. I think the Biden team is — has found that the cupboard is a lot barer than anyone thought."

(Via the Hill)

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