Eleanor Clift: ‘Trump Is the 21st Century Version of Pat [Buchanan]’

‘He’s tapping into the same voters that Pat Buchanan did; you could say that Trump is the 21st century version of Pat’

MCLAUGHLIN: “Trump currently leads the GOP primary poll, besides what Pat mentioned, North Carolina. He’s number two in Iowa and New Hampshire. What happens if he starts winning or placing second in the early primary states? Eleanor?”
CLIFT: “Well, the dirty little secret is his views are not all that different from the rest of the Republicans in the field. Nobody in the Republican field supports a path to citizenship. They’re all pretty tough on immigration. What Trump is doing is saying it in such a way that it really tarnishes the Republican Party. He’s tapping into the same voters that Pat Buchanan did. You could say that Trump is the 21st century version of Pat -- protectionist, anti-immigrant. And while, Pat, while you were within the Republican Party, you really damaged the brand, you damaged the Republican who was running.“
BUCHANAN: “They should have done something about illegal immigration 25 years ago, when we brought it up, Eleanor.”
CLIFT: “Well, they should have passed the bill that the Senate passed last year and they wouldn’t be talking about this now. So, frankly, from a partisan point of view, I’m loving what Donald Trump is doing, because he’s out there saying, you know, everybody else says you can’t be Archie Bunker in today’s changing world. Well, I can be Archie Bunker. I can shout it from the rooftops. And yes, there’s going to be a certain element of the population that responds to that, but it’s not the majority. And it doesn’t help the Republican Party.”

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