Lindsey Graham Bashes Amazon for Offering Biden Vaccine Distribution Assistance, But Not Trump

‘That’s not a good moment for the Amazon company’


GRAHAM: "I don’t know what kind of accountability you would have, but let’s ask ourselves the following question. Is Jeff Bezos friendly to the Democratic cause? Yes. He owns The Washington Post. I think it’s pretty bad, if they had this capability, they should have shared it with the Trump administration. Here’s what I think. The drug companies had the vaccine, they knew it was going to work days before the election. They waited until after the election to announce it. I think if it had been a Democratic president, they would have announced it before the election. I think what Amazon is doing is pretty disgusting if, in fact, they could have helped the Trump administration and they chose not to because they don’t like him. That’s not a good moment for the Amazon company."

(Via Mediaite)

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