John Heilemann: The Urgency of the Moment Will Allow Biden To Keep Dem Party Together

‘A 50/50 Senate, as you said, Chuck Schumer understands how this works, right?’


HEILEMANN: “Now, you raised the right question which is, how happy does that make the Democratic progressive party, the Democratic base, that that’s where the action will be legislatively, a world in which Susan Collins and Mitt Romney meeting together with Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin are going to set the policy direction for the next four years. I think in these first — is anybody lighting Roman candles and popping champagne corks over that in the progressive wing? I think not. But on the other hand I think there is — and this was true of the first two years of Barack Obama’s Administration, was the urgency of the moment will allow Joe Biden to keep the Democratic Party together for at least this next year, maybe for the first two years. There’s going to be a lot of cohesion. People are going to accept that we’re in a state of emergency economically in terms of COVID where people will stay together. How that augurs further down the line, and as Peter said, for large-scale legislative priorities I think you’ll have a lot of tension in the caucus and potentially a lot of problem not just with Republicans but within the Democratic Party itself."

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