Sen. Cardin: The United States Lost Its Leverage When Trump Pulled Us out of the Iran Nuclear Agreement

‘It isolated America rather than isolating Iran’


CARDIN: "Well, Iran is a very dangerous state. Make no mistake about it. The United States lost its leverage when President Trump pulled us out of the Iran nuclear agreement while Iran was in compliance with that agreement. It isolated America rather than isolating Iran. I think you will see from the Biden Administration that they’ll want to join with our allies, our traditional allies from Europe, as well as work with Russia and China which are critically important with regards to the Iran agreement because of the presence in the United Nations. It's clear that before the United States can rejoin the nuclear agreement, Iran must be in full compliance. And we also need to deal with nonnuclear violations of Iran, including treatment of American citizens. So yes, all these issues I think will be on the table, but you’ll have an administration that recognizes that we need to deal with these issues diplomatically and with our partners, rather than isolating America and finding the situation getting more dangerous by the day."

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