CBS: Protesters Call for Trump’s Name To Be Taken down from D.C. Hotel

‘Protestors rallied against Donald Trump Thursday calling on the Obama administration to remove his name from the hotel his company is constructing’

O’DONNELL: “Donald Trump is the front-runner among Republican presidential candidates. Fifteen percent of GOP voters back Trump; Jeb Bush and Rand Paul tie for second. But, Trump is losing support elsewhere. Julianna Goldman is outside the future Trump International Hotel in Washington where there are calls for the government to take action. Julianna, good morning.”
GOLDMAN: “Good morning. The sign behind me says ‘Trump coming 2016’. And whether intended is a double meaning or not, it's pretty hard to miss. Now protesters are saying that Trump’s controversial comments have turned that sign into a symbol of hate and should be taken down.” 
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GOLDMAN (voice-over): “Protestors rallied against Donald Trump Thursday, calling on the Obama administration to remove his name from the hotel his company is constructing in a landmark building on federal land.”
STRAUSS: "We're here to ask the Department of the Interior to take that name, which no longer stands for anything except intolerance and hate speech, off our public buildings." 
GOLDMAN (voice-over): “Trump signed a 60-year lease for the $200 million renovation of the old post office pavilion in 2013. Behind the scenes, there were other problems for the hotel project. Food Network star Geoffrey Zakarian became the second celebrity chef to back out of opening a restaurant there. Zakarian said ‘The recent statements surrounding Mexican immigrants by Donald Trump do not in any way align with my personal core values.’ Some critics are now also calling for a boycott.”
TEJADA: "Spend your money somewhere else, not with Donald Trump enterprises." 
GOLDMAN (voice-over): “The Federal Aviation Administration announced three navigation coordinates near Palm Beach International Airport, 'DONLD,' 'TRMMP' and 'UFIRD,' would get new, less controversial names.”
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