Trump: Lindsey Graham ‘Wants to Bomb Everybody’

‘All I know is every time I watch Lindsey Graham he wants to bomb everybody’

COOPER: “Rick Perry, I was offended by his remarks. He is going to have to defend those remarks. I never will, I’ll stand up and say that those are offensive which they were.”

TRUMP: “Well, I could be much more offensive to Rick Perry. But the fact is, he was the governor of Texas. The border is a disaster. He could have done much more as governor of Texas to make the border strong.”

COOPER: “Lindsey Graham, just today, tweeted why would any group vote for a party if it embraces that view? I sure as hell wouldn't.”

TRUMP: “Well look, Lindsey Graham, I think he has always been very nice to me but, you know, he wants to bomb everybody. All I know is every time I watch Lindsey Graham, he wants to bomb everybody.”

COOPER: “Carly Fiorina.”              

TRUMP: “Well, you know, she came out very weak, yesterday, in my opinion on immigration, little bit harsh and may, because I am very strong on the immigration situation. But she lost her job at Hewlett -Packard – viciously was fired, viciously. She then ran for the Senate in California against Barbara Boxer, got killed in a landslide. Now she is going to run for president.”

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