Martha MacCallum Presses Jason Miller: If Trump Forcefully Called out Violence, Wouldn’t It Made a Difference?

‘Why didn’t he say this at the rally’


MACCALLUM: “I am sure there is some truth to that. A couple of things freight I watch the video that the president put out tonight and I couldn’t help, but thinking why didn’t he say this at the rally, and why hasn’t he more forcefully called out because the same people that he was asked a question about on the way up to the campaign and he said I don’t really know who they are. And he was asked at the debate about the proud boys, he stated stand back and stand by. I know there are examples of times where he said I don’t condone that, but if he had been so forceful and called these people out, you’re not my followers, you do not represent me, I don’t want to be associated with you in any way, we can’t wind the clock back, but would it have made a difference. Those people are putting the strains last moments of the presidency on the resident.”

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