Gibbs: It’s ‘Inexplicable’ if Obama Doesn’t Fire Somebody Over ObamaCare

‘Maybe the biggest thing that we learned over the weekend was just how messed up this was’

Robert Gibbs: ‘Inexplicable’ If Obama Doesn’t Fire Someone Over Obamacare Website (Mediaite)

Former White House Press Sec. Robert Gibbs joined the panel guests appearing on MSNBC’s Now on Monday, and expressed a much less sanguine view of the White House’s political prospects in the wake of the problem-plagued launch of HealthCare.Gov. He said it would be “inexplicable” if President Barack Obama did not shake up the personnel involved in that failure.

MSNBC host Alex Wagner began by observing that the inadvertent “indictment” of government by using the prhase “private sector velocity” to describe the latest fixes to the insurance exchange website might have been a bad decision. Gibbs replied that, often times, “the truth is the best way to go at it.”

“This has been a completely unnecessary embarrassment,” Gibbs said. “It’s been an embarrassment for activist government in many ways.”

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