Jim Clyburn: ‘It’s Our Job to Impeach’

‘We’re doing our jobs in the House of Representatives’


CLYBURN: "Thank you very much for having me again. No, not the least bit. We’re doing our jobs here in the House of Representatives. It is our job to impeach. And once the impeachment is done, it’s up to the Senate to decide whether or not to convict. You recall when we were here, the last time, with an impeachment, please remember the closing comments made by Adam Schiff, where he says if you don't convict this man, he will not stop. He will continue to do what he’s been doing all of his life. And here we are, back to another impeachment because he continued to do what he’s always done. And what he did last week was the worst thing any president of these United States ever — has ever done. For that he deserves to be impeached. And quite frankly, he should be convicted and forever barred from holding any office of honor in this country for the rest of his life."

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