Rep. Jordan: Democrats Want to ‘Cancel the President’ and His Supporters with Impeachment

‘The cancel culture will come for us all’

Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan argued Wednesday that the Democrats' second impeachment push is about cancelling President Trump and warned that eventually the "cancel culture will come for us all."

"This doesn't unite the country. There's no way this helps the nation deal with the tragic and terrible events of last week that we all condemn and Republicans have been consistent, we've condemned all the violence, all the time. We condemned it last summer. We condemned it last week," Jordan said on the House floor, as lawmakers debated the impeachment resolution.

"We should be focused on bringing the nation together. Instead, Democrats are going to impeach the president for a second time one week before he leaves office. Why? Why? Politics and the fact that they want to cancel the president," he also said.

In his floor speech, Jordan cited the Washington Post headline from Trump's Inauguration Day that read: "The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun" as well as special counsel Bob Mueller's Russia investigation.   

"Nineteen minutes into his presidency they started the impeachment push. Three-year Mueller investigation ... $40 million to find nothing. Impeachment Round One based on an anonymous whistleblower with no firsthand knowledge who was biased against the president and worked for Joe Biden, and now it is impeachment Round Two," he said.

"It's always been about getting the president, no matter what. It's an obsession, an obsession that is now broadened. It's not just about impeachment anymore. It's about cancel, as I've said, canceling the president and anyone that disagrees with them. The ayatollah can tweet, the president can't," he continued.

Jordan referred to Trump being censored on social media platforms, calling it the latest "attack on the First Amendment" that  allows only one side of the political spectrum to voice its opinion.

"Democrats say antifa is a myth. Republicans condemn all violence, all the time. The double standard has to stop. Frankly, the attack on the First Amendment has to stop. Stop and think about it. Do you have a functioning First Amendment when the cancel culture only allows one side to talk, when you can't even have a debate in this country, this great country, the greatest country ever?" he said.

"It needs to stop because if it continues, if it continues it won't just be Republicans who get canceled, it won't just be the president of the United States. The cancel culture will come for us all. America is a great country. The greatest country ever. It seems to me, we need to think about how great the people of this nation really are. Think about what we have accomplished in the past and begin to come together as leaders," he added.

(h/t Just the News)

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