Matt Gaetz: ‘Don’t Think for a Moment’ that We’re Going to Stop Our Pursuit for the Truth About ‘Biden Crime Family’

‘It seems to me that impeachment is an itch that doesn’t go away with just one scratch’


GAETZ: “Seems to me that impeachment is an itch that doesn’t go away with just one scratch. It also seems that President Trump may be most likely to be impeached when he is correct. Before the last presidential impeachment, President Trump rightly pointed out the improper activities of the Biden crime family, and subsequently he’s been proven right. And don’t think for a moment, Madam Speaker, that we’re going to drop that or stop our pursuit for the truth. Before that, we have the Russia hoax where you had the President rightly making claims that Hillary Clinton and the DNC were colluding with Russians to disorient our democracy. How right he turned out to be. And then we have the 2020 presidential election where the President correctly pointed out unconstitutional behavior, voting irregularities, concerns over tabulations, dead people voting. And now, impeachment again.”

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