Rep. McClintock: If We Impeached Every Politician Who Gave a Fiery Speech to a Crowd of Partisans, This Capitol Would Be Deserted

‘I didn’t like the president’s speech on January 6, either’


MCCLINTOCK: “His exact words were, quote, 'I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard,' unquote. That’s impeachable? That’s called freedom of speech. Now, he also threatened to oppose candidates in future elections. And by the way, that was directed at Republicans like me who had resolved to uphold the constitutional process and protect the Electoral College. Well, so what? That’s called politics. If we impeached every politician who gave a fiery speech to a crowd of partisans, this Capitol would be deserted. That’s what the president did, that is all he did. He specifically told the crowd to protest peacefully and patriotically. And the vast majority of them did. But every movement has a lunatic fringe. Suppressing free speech is not the answer. Holding rioters accountable for their actions is the answer."

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