CNN: OPM Data Breach Affects 5 Times More People than Initial Estimate

‘The initial estimate was around 4 million; now I’m told that the total number affected, 22.1 million people, really remarkable’


BALDWIN: "All right. Breaking news here on CNN. The data breach that compromised the information of millions more government employees than previously thought. So to our chief national correspondent Jim sciutto with more on that. Millions more, Jim?" 
SCIUTTO: "Five times more than the initial estimate, Brooke. The initial estimate was around 4 million. Now I’m told that the total number affected, 22.1 million people, really remarkable. The sensitive information including social security numbers. Of that 22.1 million, 19.7 million, including individuals who applied for background checks, known as an sf-86 when you’re seeking security clearance. On that you have a host of sensitive information that might be in there. For instance, there are approximately 1.1 million of the breaches whose data was breached, including fingerprints as well. Just the scale of this, it was already big when we heard about it a couple of weeks ago at 4.2 million and now it’s five times as big. In the investigation as to who was behind this, James clapper told me two weeks ago at an intelligence conference that China is the leading suspect in this breach. They have been attacking government institutions and private companies for years now. But this one, Brooke, really remarkable in its size and scope. And in the sensitivity of the information involved."

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