John Bolton Blames GOP Leaders Including Cruz, Hawley for Violence: Trump Has ‘Blood on His Hands’

‘I think [Trump] did incite this mob with the clear intention of having them disrupt the Electoral College certification’

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton blamed Republican leaders for inciting Wednesday’s conflict in Washington, D.C., and said his former boss, President Donald Trump, had “blood on his hands.”

“Let me just ask you, do you think President Trump has blood on his hands?” CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Bolton in a Thursday interview.

“I think he does,” Bolton replied. “Look, I agree with [former Attorney General] Bill Barr. I think he did incite this mob with the clear intention of having them disrupt the Electoral College certification, and delay it to give him more time.”

Nonetheless, Bolton advised against any attempt by Trump’s Cabinet to stage a coup under the 25th Amendment, under which a majority of Cabinet members could join with Vice President Mike Pence to replace the president.

“Mike Pence — you know, Mr. Conspiracy, as he’s known in Washington, to make this work, would have to get a majority of the Cabinet to sign up in secret. Why? Because if Donald Trump finds out that his secretary of fill-in-the-blank has signed this letter, he’s going to fire the person. Then the signature on the letter won’t have any force or effect. This is simply not workable. Not only is it dubious constitutionally, to create the risk of two competing presidencies, it’s not going to work.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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