CNN: Hillary Clinton Lied About Never Receiving a Subpoena

‘Congressman Trey Gowdy ... showed us a copy of subpoena he sent to Clinton on March 4’

TAPPER: “She also asserted she never received a subpoena for her e-mails. Jeff Zeleny is here, senior Washington correspondent for CNN. Jeff, five words -- I've had never had a subpoena. Is that true?”
ZELENY: “That on the face of it, Jake, is not true. That's one of the things that stood out at us. Overall, some things were true, some weren't entirely. She tried to pivot quickly to Republicans, trying to lump them in with Donald Trump. They pushed back against those assertions, but the one that stood out was whether or not she received a subpoena. We went to Capitol Hill today to check it out.”
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ZELENY (voice-over): “The fight over Hillary Clinton's e-mails just won't go away.”
CLINTON: “Everything I did was permitted.
ZELENY (voice-over): “On Tuesday, Clinton defended using a private e-mail server as secretary of state. She told CNN's Brianna Keilar she followed the law.”
CLINTON: “I've never had a subpoena. Let's take a deep breath here.”
ZELENY (voice-over): “But Congressman Trey Gowdy, leading the investigation into the Benghazi attacks, says that's not true. He showed us a copy of a subpoena he sent Clinton on March 4th.”
GOWDY: “To state you've never received a subpoena, you did get one in March, couldn't be more plain, the honorable Hillary R. Clinton.”

[clip ends]

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