Mike Barnicle: Trump Has Done Incalculable Damage to Our Country

‘I don’t think a lot really handles the scope of the damage that Donald Trump has done’


BARNICLE: “Well, Mika, that’s just the truth, and it’s an amazing truth. Sitting United States senators, led by Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz, are in the middle of an engagement of an act of sedition. And Gene Robinson, I understand that Georgia is important. I understand that if the Democrats ever won both seats that the landscape in Washington and the country would literally change overnight. But I’m sitting here for the past few days thinking about the incalculable damage that one man, Donald Trump, has done to our country and to our political system. And I'm wondering if you, like me, have thought back to Adam Schiff’s summation during the impeachment proceedings when he talked about why Donald Trump had to be impeached and he raised the question of the Republicans wondering how much damage could he do, and Schiff ended his summation by saying a lot. And in my mind, hearkening back to those words then to today and what is playing out in front of the world, I don’t think 'a lot' really handles the scope of the damage that Donald Trump has done.”

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