Activists Protest and Harass Josh Hawley’s Family in Front of His Home in DC

‘When democracy is under attack, what do we do?’

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ANTIFA PROTESTER: "We're not going to let these fascist, racist and ignorant people come into our town and come into our community. D.C. has a mask mandate, our Coronavirus cases are twice as high as they were in March when the pandemic first came out. Nine months later, six months later, our government is allowing fascist individuals to come into our city with no mask on, knowing that Coronavirus cases are big as hell! So therefore, we will hold people accountable and hold political officials accountable who are trying to swindle the election, swindle democracy, and don't give a rat's ass about the American people. When the democracy is under attack, what do we do?"
PROTESTERS: "Stand up, fight back!"

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