Rick Perry: Texas Leads America for Black Graduation Rates, Income

‘You have more income than any other state in the country if you’re African-American’


CARLSON: "One of the other things you've been talking about, in fact the "Wall Street journal" called it the best editorial that it had seen recently, the best speech on the campaign so far, was a speech you gave about a week ago about race relations and the GOP and an outreach to black voters. Is that central to your campaign or to anyone on the GOP side in order to win?" 
PERRY: "I think it's central to this country, and I think there needs to be people who are courageous enough to stand up and say, listen, the grand old party has abrogated its responsibility to reach out to all people. The blacks in particulars have been -- we haven't needed their vote to win, but I think to bring this country together, we've had -- will have had eight years of a president that divided us by race, by gender, by economics. I think Americans are looking for somebody that will say, listen, we're all Americans, how can we come together? I know we all want to live in safety communities, we all want a good job and good educational opportunities. We've done that in the state of Texas. That's what I tried to lay out in that speech. If you are an African-American in Texas you have the number one high school graduation rate in America. You have more income than any other state in the country if you're African-American. So that's the story that we need to be talking about. Let's bring this country together. Let's have unifying rhetoric rather than this divisive rhetoric that all too often people spew."

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