Hillary on Clinton Foundation: For the Good of the World, It Should Continue

‘I am proud of the Clinton Foundation and the small role I had in it’

CLINTON: “Well, let me start by saying I am so proud of The Clinton Foundation. I am proud of the work that my husband started, that my daughter continued. I'm proud of the very small role I played in being there for about a year and a half. And I'll give you an example of why what The Clinton Foundation has done is so critical. When I became secretary of state, the United States government was using our tax dollars to treat 1.7 million people around the world with HIV/AIDS. I looked at the contracts that The Clinton Foundation had been negotiating to buy medicine and pass it through, working with foreign governments who provided the funding to buy the medicine to treat more people. So we negotiated lower prices. By the time I left, thanks to contracts and work that The Clinton Foundation had done, the United States was treating 5.1 million people. That's just one example. Now maybe it's because my husband knows so many people in the world and he's so creative and he's so smart. But he was able to put together solutions to problems, whether it was HIV/AIDS or childhood obesity in our country or expanding farm productivity in Africa, that was hard for others to do. And, yes, did people say, that's good work, that's a charity we want to support -- and they should have because it produced results. I have no -- I have no plans to say or do anything about The Clinton Foundation other than to say how proud I am of it and that I think for the good of the world, its work should continue.”


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