Jason Rantz: San Francisco Has Closed Outdoor Dining Which Led the Homeless to Camp in Their Parklets

‘This is social engineering’


RANTZ: “It’s kind of what we’ve been seeing across the country. Slap the term equity in front of it and basically it gets you a pass to say we were going to choose who to help on the basis of race. Of course if you were to same we are only going to help white people, there would be outraged. There should be outrage. That would be outrageous. This is social engineering. This is “We have too many successful businesses that are not diverse enough in San Francisco,” what we’re going to help the ones that are struggling. The problem is literally every business in San Francisco, like much of this country is struggling, at least if your restaurant. This is the perfect intersection of thoughtless Covid policy and Progressive incompetence when it comes to homelessness. First you essentially force restaurants to pay out of their own pocket. It’s the only way they can stay open and survive but using no data to justify your position you end up closing down the restaurants and outdoor dining completely. What does that mean? Now you’ve got the structures were homeless people are hanging out, living in, shooting up income using his toilets, and you’ve caused all these problems now for these restaurants that they have to clean up. They are the ones who are going to have to take care of it. The city is letting homeless people just run amok. Choosing only to help certain folks. It’s patently unfair.”

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