Jesse Watters: My Naughty List Is Hunter Biden — He May Be Responsible For Getting His Dad Impeached

‘Hopefully by the time this airs, he’s not behind bars’


WATTERS: “My naughty list is hunter obviously. My nice list, Jesse Watters tops that. We will begin with hunter. It’s obvious from the escorts to the strippers to the sex trafficking to “The drudge,” bullfighting of the child support, he basically was responsible for getting Donald Trump impeached with his shenanigans in U.K.raine and may be responsible for getting his father impeached in this new administration. Hunter takes the cake. Hopefully by the time this airs he’s not behind bars. In terms of the nice list, I may be have misread this segment but I’m going to go with it. I’m going to choose myself. I’m going to speak from the heart. I think I had a great year. I was nice to my cohost. I was tender and loving with regards to my analysis of people who I don’t share their political opinions. I’ve matured as a person and I think everybody recognizes it so I go on the nice list.”

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