Joe Scarborough: ‘We Knew Donald Trump Was a Sleazy President’

‘Republicans that sit by quietly and allowed this to happen, they deserve nothing’

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SCARBOROUGH: "But what do they have in common? They have in common that at critical moments in the Mueller investigation, they were all floated a pardon by this president, all bribed by the president of the United States, to keep quiet. The President saying — and people were writing stories at the time, 'Hey, this is what he’s doing, by the way.' Basically being told, 'If you keep quiet, I’ll deliver you a pardon.' It’s really, really sleazy and, you know, everybody expects Donald Trump to act in the sleaziest way possible because he’s been the sleaziest president in American history and these sleazy pardons and his sleazy presidency, is the way you would expect a sleazy presidency to be ended. At the same time, we knew Donald Trump was a sleazy president. But the Republicans? Republicans that sit by quietly and that have allowed this to happen, they deserve nothing. They deserve nothing for Christmas. They deserve nothing for elections to come. They have made everything that happened yesterday, everything that I’m sure is going to happen today, everything that's going to happen over the next month, they've made it all possible."

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