Rikki Klieman: Bill Cosby ‘Could Be in Some Legal Jeopardy’ over Quaalude Use

‘It does put Bill Cosby in some legal jeopardy because this is an admission’

O’DONNELL: “CBS News Legal Expert Rikki Klieman is with us. Good morning.

KLIEMAN: “Good morning.”

O’DONNELL: “What does this mean for the more than two dozen women who have accused Bill Cosby of misconduct?”

KLIEMAN: “It may mean something psychological to them; it may mean that they feel that they have -- that they have been unfairly slammed in the press and that this makes them really appear to be truthful. In terms –“ [Crosstalk]

O’DONNELL: “How does it put Bill Cosby in legal jeopardy?”

KLIEMAN: “Well, it does put Bill Cosby in some legal jeopardy because this is an admission. And we do know at least that the defamation lawsuits are still pending in Massachusetts and could be introduced as an admission, but we don't know, and there is no way to find out, as to what Quaaludes he bought and who he used them with, and are these three specific women, ‘victims of those Quaaludes’?”

MASON: “Because what he has admitted to here is buying drugs. He hasn't admitted to unnecessarily using them. How difficult is that to prove?”

KLIEMAN: “I think that you hit the nail on the head. He bought the drugs perhaps in the 1970s. He may or may not have used them on other women in the 1990s. One of the things that his lawyers did in the deposition, which is not receiving a lot of news coverage, is that they stopped the deposition and that Bill Cosby says he misunderstood the question. Yes, he used the Quaaludes about with one woman but again, there was a time in recreational drug use when people used Quaaludes consensually for sex. However, in the court of public opinion, this is the most damming evidence of all that we have many people seen, women and people close to Bill Cosby, relatives, cast mates who have said that he did not do this deed. If you wanted to believe that he was America’s dad then you wanted to believe he did not do it. This admission is dynamite against him.”

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