ABC’s Cecilia Vega: Hillary Campaign Says Bernie Sanders Has Them Worried

‘She may be the Democratic frontrunner, but this morning Clinton is feeling the burn’

STEPHANOPOULOS: “We're going to turn now to that surprise surge in the race for the White House. Bernie Sanders, the socialist Senator from Vermont, rising in the polls drawing the biggest crowds of the campaign. That's last night in Maine and throwing a scare into Hillary Clinton's camp. ABC's Cecilia Vega covering Clinton's campaign. She's here with all the latest. Good morning, Cecilia.”

VEGA: “Hey, George. Good morning to you. Seventy five hundred people showing up last night in Maine. That is an impressive turnout this early in this campaign and now team Clinton says Bernie Sanders has them worried.”

[clip starts]

VEGA (voice-over): “Hillary Clinton back on the campaign trail today, destination Iowa. She may be the Democratic front-runner, but this morning Clinton is feeling the burn. Challenger Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders seeing a massive turnout at a campaign rally overnight in Maine, that at times felt more like a rock concert. In recent days, Bernie-mentum drawing larger crowds than every candidate running in the 2016 race for the White House. Ten thousand people in Wisconsin. Five thousand in Denver. Last week, Clinton needed a bigger venue to hold a larger than expected crowd for her supporters in New Hampshire, 850 people.”

CLINTON: “Well, we each run our own campaigns and I always knew this would be competitive.”

VEGA (voice-over): “Her campaign conceding there is worry in Hillary Land  and not helping this scene from a New Hampshire Fourth of July parade, the images going viral. Campaign workers used a rope to keep reporters away from Clinton as she walked along the route.”

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VEGA: “And today, Clinton gives her first national television interview since launching her campaign three months ago. And while her team may say that they are worried about a challenger like Sanders, the reality is she is ahead, George, by a long shot, in polls and fund-raising.”

STEPHANOPOULOS: “They're not worried about the nomination but don't want to get beat in Iowa or New Hampshire. Okay, Cecilia, thanks very much.”

ROBERTS: “And I got to tell you, Sanders supporters are very active on social media.”

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