CNN’s Stelter on Newsmax Airing Correction on Dominion Story: ‘Rare Moment of Accountability in Right-Wing Media’

‘This reckless rhetoric is now coming back to haunt these right wing networks’


STELTER: “Yeah, this -- this reckless rhetoric is now coming back to haunt these right wing networks, Fox News, Newsmax, One America News. One America News is named in that new lawsuit by the Dominion employee, OAN has not responded so far. Smartmatic, a different company, also threatening to sue. And that’s why both Fox News and Newsmax aired these wild seemingly things that sounded like corrections over the weekend, and yet these corrections only made sense if you had been watching the programming in November and early December when they were spreading reckless rhetoric about these voting machine companies. This is a rare example of accountability in right wing media where there’s actually a potential consequence. As Elie said, you know, there is obviously a lot of freedom for media outlets to report and opine and speculate, but these court cases if we do see more than one court case these could be really important in terms of defining what are the lines are and if any line exists for right wing media. And by the way, you know, these election denialism claims, these networks will find other ways to claim the election is stolen. They'll come up with other ways to claim fraud, but in these specific cases these companies could have solid legal ground.”

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