Cuomo: In His Last Days of Presidency, Trump’s Legacy Was Messing with Good People and Pardoned Bad People

‘The president has just put out a video statement saying he may not sign the relief bill’


CUOMO: “I am Chris Cuomo. We have breaking news. This is a very bad situation that the president is creating right now. I think he’s doing it to look good. But it’s about the rest of us. Here’s the news. Okay? It took almost to the end of this tantrum of a presidency, but we now have a moment for this president, an ultimate moment of put up or shut up about being a champion for the American people, okay? The president has just put out a video statement saying he may not sign the relief bill. There are two big wants that he has. But the one that matters most is that he says he wants the checks to you to be made bigger. Now, this is something you can’t just say. It is not about talking the talk, because every moment you delay, people suffer. You must walk the walk. The Democrats, as you know, always wanted more money in the checks. It is his party and frankly Trump’s own staff that bargained down the eventual amount. Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the house, a Democrat, obviously, seized on this truth. And issued the challenge that will define the final days of Trump’s presidency. In terms of what he does for you.”

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