Jesse Watters: Sending Billions to Pakistan Will Only Be Spent on Arranged Marriages Not Gender Studies

‘Do you know they can have up to four wives in Pakistan?’


WATTERS: “Well, after the Trump tax cut, people got, what, a thousand dollar bonus from some of these nice companies? Nancy called those crumbs. And now, she wants and atta-girl for $600? Tucker, money for gender studies in Pakistan? If you listen closely, you can hear the Pakistani generals laughing at us. They were hiding bin Laden for years while we were sending them billions of dollars. Do you know they can have up to four wives in Pakistan? I have a feeling this money is good to be spent on arranged marriages, not gender studies. I want to help American women first before help those women. How about $70 million in Cambodia? Can we get that in the Carolinas? I mean, you wrote about “A ship of fools,” this is a den of thieves.”

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