New Spokane NAACP Leader Speaks out on Moving Past Rachel Dolezal

‘I saw in Rachel maybe my younger self— passionate, involved, all-in for social justice’

New Spokane NAACP Leader Speaks Out on Moving Past Rachel Dolezal (Mediaite)

After Rachel Dolezal got caught up in controversy for identifying herself as black but actually being white, she stepped down from her position as head of the Spokane NAACP. She was replaced by Naima Quarles-Burnley, who spoke out this week to The Spokesman-Review about her predecessor and getting past that incident.

Quarles-Burnley said that the Dolezal fallout called into question “not just the integrity of the former president, but the integrity of the organization as a while.”

She spoke of her belief in social justice and how disheartened she’s become in seeing how “those who are of African-American race and who are low-income are often disenfranchised in the legal system.”

But in talking directly about Dolezal, Quarles-Burley got a bit emotional:

“I saw in Rachel maybe my younger self. Passionate, involved, all-in for social justice. Sometimes sacrificing self-care, sometimes sacrificing family, sometimes not wanting to compromise, or often looking for ways to demonstrate as opposed to discuss.”

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