Nikki Haley: My Hope Is that Biden’s Not Very Quick to Discredit and Erase the Last Four Years in Terms of Foreign Policy

‘There’s been a lot of foreign policy advancements that have happened over the last four years’


HALEY: "I think it’s really important that we understand that there have been a lot of foreign policy advancements that have happened over the last four years. When you look at whether it’s how we’ve handled China, whether it's how we've handled  the murderous dictators in Venezuela and Cuba, or when you sit there and look at how we’re going to handle peace in the Middle East going forward, what my hope is that they’re not very quick to discredit and erase the last four years but realize that true good has come from that. So I think if you take China for example, China is absolutely a foreign policy threat and President Trump recognized that. He recognized that by putting sanctions on them, on their human rights abuses, he recognized that by calling other intellectual property dealings, he recognized that in the fact that he really had to hold them accountable whether it was on the virus or whether it was on anything else they were doing, and he built up our military and our Space Force to combat China, and we have to acknowledge them for exactly the abuser that they are and what they want to do to America. It’s all the more reason why the Hunter Biden stuff has become a little bit concerning, is because you’re looking at a direct conflict of interest. And the American people heard Joe Biden say that he didn’t think China was competition for us and that much of a threat several months ago. Now we see that he and his family have had business dealings with China. We really need to make sure that China doesn’t feel like they’re going to get a pass here with Biden and that they understand that we’re going to be as strong and has tough as we’ve been this past four years."

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