Joe Scarborough Goes on Epic Pro-USA Rant

‘We’re still the greatest country in the world’

SCARBOROUGH: “If you were running against Ronald Reagan who is optimistic, it would -- maybe that's all you can do. I think the problem with the Democrats, certainly with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, is they don’t really project sort of positive, sunshine patriot view of America. I always find [indecipherable] when I’m out talking to people and I talk about all the problems I have -- that this country is facing and all the challenges, when I take a turn. But listen, here’s the great news. We’re still the greatest country in the world. Even the Chinese say eight of the top ten universities on the planet are ours. There’s an energy revolution that happened despite Washington. It was American ingenuity that figured out how to drill sideways, draw more energy up. We totally blew everyone’s mind and now we’re going to control the next century. We’ve got Apple. We’ve got Intel. We’ve got the tech sector. We’ve got the smartest, most brilliant people in the world… All we have to do is get Washington out of its way, and I’m not even running for anything! I’m saying it because I believe it! Warren Buffett believes it! He doubled down on America when everybody else was running for the exits, and he made gazillions of dollars! Why doesn’t any Republican believe that the new American century is going to be better than the last? And I’m dead serious! I’m so tired of them whining! Let the Democrats whine! They’re the whiners who say we’re such an awful people to everybody else! We have fed and freed more people than anybody else in the history of the globe, and we do it whether there’s a Democrat in office or a Republican in office! And my God, I have never seen a century more lined up to be exploited by American genius and American know-how than a century that’s going to be decided on technology and talent! Why isn't there a Republican out there talking about this…”

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