NBC’s Julia Ainsley: AG Barr Isn’t Going to Just Turn the Other Cheek to Trump’s Tweets Like Jeff Sessions Did

‘Bill Barr is not Jeff Sessions’


AINSLEY: "Well, the thing I’m being told from people inside the Justice Department today, Stephanie, is to make sure you realize, Bill Barr is not Jeff Sessions. And if you look at the Tweets from the President over the weekend attacking Bill Barr, we know the relationship has gotten more fraught ever since the Attorney General said that he had not seen evidence to date of fraud that would change the outcome of the election, and Bill Barr isn’t going to just turn the other cheek to those tweets like Jeff Sessions did. And so we understand the two had a pleasant meeting inside the White House yesterday, from the few who were there, they say that it was a good discussion, they left on good terms. But Bill Barr ultimately decided to leave early, in large part because of the President coming out publicly, criticizing him on Twitter and not being able to take his very sobering reality check of the results of the election. And so I’m told that, yes, he is looking forward to leaving December 23rd so that he can spend Christmas with his family.”

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