Rick Perry: I Know How to Create Jobs

‘I know how to create jobs: you free people from over-taxation, over-regulation’

PERRY: "Listen, I think I can say, as president, what I would bring into this country is a positive view about how you get Americans back to work again. Tax-wise, regulatory-wise. We’ve got an EPA that’s job killing. This piece of executive order that he put into place to force overtime, that’s a job killer. This president has been putting job killing regulations into place through his agencies and through executive orders. I know how to create jobs: you free people from over-taxation, over-regulation. You use the energy resources in North America; I think that you can drive down electricity costs. You couple that with corporate tax policy, lower the corporate tax rate. Does two things, George. Not only will it raise mid-level wages, but it’ll also give incentives to those companies to come back on shore, with the lower electricity prices with the incentive of a lower corporate tax rate, and you can have a renaissance in manufacturing in this country like we have never seen before."

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