Scarborough: Donald Trump Actually Applauded Violence Against the Press

‘Donald Trump actually is still terrorizing the family of a woman who worked for me 20 years’


SCARBOROUGH: “Just as bad as Trump. Wait a second, hold on. Donald Trump borrowed Stalin’s phrase ‘enemy of the people’ to talk about the press. Let’s see. He actually — Donald Trump actually applauded violence against the press, encouraged the violence against the press, actually cheered on a congressman who beat the hell out of a reporter for asking a question about health care. Hey, Paul, anybody in ‘The Wall Street Journal’ get beaten up this weekend or have a Stalinist phrase thrown at them? I don’t think so. Let’s see. Oh, how about this one? Did anybody accuse you of murder? Anybody accuse you of murder? Because that’s actually what Donald Trump did with me 11 times. You know anybody in your life, Paul, who died, anybody that ever worked for you who died? Because Donald Trump actually is still terrorizing the family of a woman who worked for me 20 years later and slandering her name. I’m just curious, did that happen to you, Paul, this weekend? Because if so, you should probably keep your mouth shut when you’re drawing these false equivalencies between what Donald Trump does.”

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