Saagar Enjeti: Businesses Are Being Murdered While Data Show 72% of Infections Come from Household Gatherings

‘Essentially with this order, murdering a huge portion of their small business restaurants of New York City’


ENJETI: "It’s just been a total catastrophe. I was just looking at the data. Gov. Andrew Cuomo just shut down indoor dining in New York State, and according to their own data, 1.43% of the spread is from indoor dining when 73% or something like that of the spread comes from household gatherings. And yet they're essentially, with this order, murdering a huge portion of their small business restaurant stock of New York City. That is the defining aspect of that city. And as long as Congress will not get its act together, across this entire country you are largely watching Democrats in major-run states and cities which are deciding to murder parts of their small business stock. And this isn't just about a restaurant, this is about a place that people go to gather for community and for people that are pillars in the places that they live and pass things down from generation to generation. They are not just numbers on a screen. And that is how the champagne lockdown, as you put it, those are the people — that’s how they think of them. They think of them as just, 'Oh, they would go out of business anyway,' or, 'Oh, maybe they will bounce back.' This is people’s livelihoods and this is — you know, when you walk by and you see a business that you’ve known for years and you see it close, that takes a toll upon you as a citizen, as a neighborhood and as a community.”

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