John Avlon: Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson ‘Is Keeping Open the Possibility of Derailing the Electoral College Vote for Weeks’

‘… guaranteeing more of the uncertainty he says he’s so concerned about’


[clip starts]
SEN. RON JOHNSON: "The American people deserve to know what happened. Forty-two thousand people that voted twice, dead people voted, out of state people voted. What about this truckload of ballots from Great Plains, New York, headed toward Philadelphia? You know, how do you explain that type of thing?"
[clip ends]
AVLON: "How, indeed. Now, he seems to be referring there in that last bit to an allegation made by a part-time ghost hunter with a long criminal record who works as a contractor for the Postal Service. Also his account has been discredited. This is absurd but serious stuff. Johnson is keeping open the possibility of derailing the Electoral College vote for weeks, guaranteeing more of the uncertainty he says he's so concerned about.”

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