Geraldo: Hunter Biden Is a ‘Parasite,’ ‘He’s Been a Screw-Up His Whole Life’

‘This will taint, I think, the beginning of the 46th President’s term in office’


RIVERA: “The shadow, the dark shadow of this, of his son's troubles will definitely take the luster off a lot of the Biden — the beginning of the Biden presidency. He's in real trouble. You know, hearing stories about Chinese business people leaving jewels under the pillow in his hotel and other undeclared income like that, you know, it's going to be big and bad for Hunter, it's going to embarrass the President-Elect, and this will taint, I think, the beginning of the 46th President's term in office. This is a very big deal. I'm glad the father still loves the son because this son is a screw-up, he's been a screw-up his whole life. He's cut corners, he's taken money that he didn't earn from coast to coast, from continent to continent, and now it seems the — you know, it's all come — the chickens have come home to roost there, Jesse."

(via Twitter)

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