CNN: Biden to Name Defense Secretary and AG Picks This Week

‘He specifically said that the Defense Secretary name will be coming on Friday’


SAENZ: "That's right, Wolf. It’s shaping up to be a very busy week for the President-Elect, and he told reporters just a moment ago that he intends to name his picks for the Department of Defense Secretary, and then also his Attorney General this week. He specifically said that the Defense Secretary name will be coming on Friday. Now, there are a variety of people who have been under consideration for these jobs. To start with the Defense Secretary, we know that Michele Flournoy, also Jeh Johnson and Lloyd Austin are all in contention for that job. And there's also a long list of names for people who are under consideration to lead the Department of Justice, and that includes former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, also outgoing Alabama senator Doug Jones, a longtime friend of Biden’s, and as well, Deval Patrick, Jeh Johnson, and Lisa Monaco are all names that have been mentioned. But Biden has also been facing a lot of pressure to diversify his cabinet and many want to see people of color in these two positions. I asked Biden last week if he would commit to doing that and he would not, only saying that his cabinet will look like America, Wolf."

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