Angela Rye on Biden’s Cabinet Picks: ‘Your Electorate Was More Diverse than the Country’

‘We certainly understand when they rolled out the senior level staff for the White House there were a lot of white men’


RYE: “However, when you start talking about some of those traditional cabinet posts, people are getting a little afraid because they know what the makeup of the transition agency review teams has been and we certainly understand that when they rolled out their senior level staff for the White House, there were a lot of white men. And so I appreciate that Joe Biden wants the cabinet to reflect the face of America, but I would actually challenge him and say the cabinet needs to reflect the face of your electorate. Your electorate was more diverse than the country. Your electorate in the primary and in the general was overwhelmingly black women and black men. So I want to hear about the attorney general. I want to hear about Marcia Fudge becoming the agriculture secretary. I’m happy to hear about Keisha Lance Bottoms potentially for the SBA, but we have to hear a lot more of these positions and really soon.”

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